School Day


Primary Phase

Year group Entry Gate Start of day Morning break/playground Lunch in the hall (large and small hall) Lunch/Playground time End of day
Reception Gate A 8.40 10.10-10.25/infant 11.30-12 12-12.30/infant 3.25
Year 1 Gate A 8.45 11-11.15/infant 12.15-12.30 12.30-1.10/infant 3.30
Year 2 Gate B 8.45 11-11.15/junior 12.15-12.30 12.30-1.10/junior 3.30


Secondary Phase

School gates open: 8:00
Start of school: 8:20
Lunchtime: 12:10
End of school: 15:10

Breakfast Club

The secondary site runs a free breakfast club in the dining hall. Club starts every weekday from 7.50am, students must sign in at reception to attend.