Leadership Team


Mr. D. Botting

Head of Secondary Phase

Mr. I. Patterson

Head of Primary Phase

Ms. A. Moustafa

Assistant Principals


Mr. M. Riley

Dr. A. O’Toole

Mr J Steel

Mr J Goundry


Ms. H. Begum 

Director of Inclusion

Ms. M. Sarkar (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)





Ms. J. Husson - Reception Teacher

Year 1

Ms. N. Begum - Year 1 Teacher 

Year 2

Mr. J. Muldoon - Year 2 Teacher

Primary Support Staff

 Ms. K. Kershaw 

Ms. P Mindra

Ms. S. Daniels

Ms. N. Koya



Ms A Toor - Head of Year 7

Ms. R. Westwood - Head of Year 8

Ms. S. Mawanda - Head of Year 9

Ms G Dang - Head of Year 10



Ms. S. Neal - Director of English

Ms. H. Begum - Teacher of English

Ms. O. Hanson - Teacher of English

Ms. R. Westwood - Teacher of English

Mr. C. Wild - Teacher of English

Mr. J. Dallimore - Teacher of English

Ms. H. Perry - Teacher of English

Dr. A O'Toole - Assistant Principal



Ms. G. Dang - Deputy Head of Mathematics

Ms. M. Bisaccia - Lead Practitioner of Maths

Ms. H. Patel - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr. K. Amaning - Teacher of Mathematics

Ms. S. Kowarthanan - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr. M. Rahman - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr. H. Ahmad - Teacher of Mathematics



Mr. G. Duoblys - Director of Science

Ms. J. Burns - Lead Teacher of Biology

Mr. A. Moore - Lead Teacher of Physics

Mr. P. McSweeney - Teacher of Science

Ms. C. Gallagher - Teacher of Science

Ms. M. Rowe-Sampson - Teacher of Science



Ms. H. Cheesman - Director of Humanities

Ms. B. Goodwin - Lead Geography Teacher

Ms. B. Williams - Teacher of Humanities

Mr J Goundry - Assistant Principal



Ms. K. Enticott - Teacher of PE  

Ms A Toor - Teacher of PE

Mr. C. Anderson - Sports Enrichment Officer

Mr M. Riley - Assistant Principal



Ms. M. Drucker - Director of MFL

Ms. S. Yacoob - Teacher of MFL

Mr. I. Patterson - Head of Secondary



Mr. A. Kinnair - Director of Music and Creative Arts



Ms. S. Mawanda - Teacher of Drama


Art and Design

Ms. R. Begum - Teacher of Art and Design

Mr J. Steel - Assistant Principal 

School Support Staff


Ms. P. Millar - Family Support Worker 

Ms S. Kaur - Admissions Officer

Ms I. Blanc - Attendance Officer 

School Operations Team

Ms L Jackson - Academy Operations Manager

Mrs. S. Wade MBE - PA and  Senior Administrator

Mr. S. Delaney - Librarian

Mr. L. Milton - IT Service Desk Manager

Mr. B. Ditchburn - Site Superviser

Mr. P. Kain - Premises Officer

Ms. K. Solanki - Senior Science Technician


Ms. C. Palazzo - Secondary Receptionist (Monday & Tuesday)

Mrs. S. Limby - Secondary Receptionist (Wednesday to Friday)

Ms. S. Morris - Primary Receptionist

Ms. B. Codrington - Cleaning operative