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Why work at Bobby Moore Academy?

Bobby Moore Academy is a new school with traditional values. We believe in the expertise of our teachers and the importance of disciplined behaviour and disciplined thinking in our pupils. Housed in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, ours is an inspirational setting to rival any other in the country.

We are looking for special people to make a pivotal contribution to the development of our school and the life chances of the young people we educate. We are looking for academic excellence, drive and ambition.  You will be exceptionally well-qualified and able to inspire colleagues and pupils alike. You will have the highest expectations of pupils and the highest standards for yourself and your colleagues. Most importantly, you will be utterly committed to the notion that a child’s life chances must not be determined by economic or social circumstance.

We are unashamedly knowledge-driven in our curricular approach. Our teachers are here to transmit their deep subject knowledge to our pupils, to enthuse them with their passion and put them on the path to university. Our pupils are here to learn. We have the highest expectations and standards of behaviour and conduct and our pupils understand that our high expectations are reflected in our high hopes for their futures. This is a message that permeates through every member of staff in the school, where we see our support staff and back-office staff as important role models for the pupils and integral to the educational work that we do.

As a school, we pride ourselves on our community ethos. We want to make teaching a sustainable profession and, to this end, have a series of policies and systems in place to ensure that as a teacher, you are able to focus on the important things. To this end, we employ:

  •  shared planning and resourcing with input from curriculum leads
  • sensible, subject specific, feedback policies that are impactful and not impossible
  • centralised secondary detention systems and visible SLT
  • a two-week October half term that enables staff to take affordable breaks in the longest term
  • an open-door culture based on mentoring not monitoring
  • a whole school approach to values and virtues
  • weekly staff development focussed on leveraging high impact strategies

We have a fully-equipped, on-site staff gym, access to the London Marathon Community Track, free lunch for staff undertaking lunchtime duties, and discounts at local cafes and restaurants.


About the David Ross Education Trust

The David Ross Education Trust is committed to becoming one of the top-performing multi-academy trusts in the country, providing a world-class education to each and every child in its care.  Recognised as a nationwide system leader, the Trust runs 34 schools across the country, ranging from small rural primaries with around 50 children, to much larger secondary schools in urban areas. Working together, with a shared ethos and values, our close-knit family of schools is set up to guide pupils through an enriching and inspirational educational journey.



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